About me

Kodak photomat

In the beginning

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was a kid. Hot flash cubes and bulbs burned fingers and one-day processing places like Photomat existed back then. Instagram and the net were things of science fiction and yet to be invented.  Everything was processed in the lab.  A dark room to be exact and what magic it was to see a photo come to life.

Graduating to 35 mm and film eventually gave way to the digital age. I’ve been lucky in that I use a camera at work and on my own time. Practice, research, photography courses and membership to camera club always helps. I belong to the Oshawa Camera Club.

I travel often and enjoy capturing memories and images of the people and places I’ve been. If a photo I’ve created evokes an emotion or brings to mind a happy memory then I’ve done my job. Landscape and pictorial photography are my favourites. Living by Lake Ontario and with access to all the beauty Ontario has to offer, I count myself fortunate.

Who remembers these?

Kodak camera kodak camera2 kodak camera3 kodak camera4



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